Placenta Encapsulation Services: $190

Consider me your postpartum alchemist who has been trained by midwives to keep the ancient and sacred ways of the "wise woman" (midwife). My goal is to energetically prepare your placenta encapsulation in aiding you towards your optimal existence as a woman and mom; physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually during your postpartum period. With a masters in counseling I will be also providing intimate consultation to see how I can meet all your possible needs. 

There many rituals and ceremonies around the globe.  If you didn't know the placenta is an amazing organ that begins developing at the moment of conception/fertilization which grows into what looks like a large, meaty living organ that resembles a tree of life.

The most popular placenta encapsulation process used widely around the world today is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques, where the placenta is considered a powerful and sacred medicine – a ‘full of life force’ organ that should be consumed to support a healing mother after birth. The practice of eating one’s own placenta, is rather common in China, and actually has a history of over 2000 years associated with it. The placenta plays a very significant role in the survival as well as the development of a baby in the mother’s womb. The consumption of placenta can help with quick recovery after childbirth, postpartum depression, insufficient lactation and achieving longevity.

There are some cultural traditions from the different continents. From Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Turkey the various traditions range from ceremonial burials, dried and added to certain placenta recipes in order to increase a person’s energy and vitality like into a smoothie, or totally burned.

Here is an article by Midwifery Today.

Services include:

  • One hour consultation and masters level counseling to asses your postpartum needs emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually.
  • Tiny & Brave provides door to door service-open to pick up your placenta from hospital, birthing center or from your home. 
  • Upon delivering your placenta, dosage and storage instructions will be provided along with a umbilical Cord Keepsake
  • Tiny & Brave will check in with mommy during the coming week to make sure she is hormonally balanced and continue to be available throughout her recovery.
  • Cooler provided by Tiny & Brave to transport your placenta.
  • Providing a guide to local postpartum resources such as support groups to meet your personal needs.
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