#BirthPains: Anthony Crawford Adamick

Name: Anthony Crawford Adamick

Age: 34

Birth place: Boston, MA

Occupation: Photographer and Motivational Speaker

"My goal is to capture and tell an amazing story in images. Story telling is what drives me.  Whether it’s creating a photo project to shed light on a issue, a brand, shooting portraits, street and travel photography or just hanging out with friends and family. everyone has a story and I want to capture it. 

In a world of “snapshots” and uninteresting photos, please allow me to capture your story and leave you with images that make you feel their emotions and live on forever."

What do you say to man that has been practically been through so much but didn't break? An overcomer. And Anthony Crawford Adamick is just that, an overcomer. He has been through abandonment of his father before his birth, abuse from his step father, infidelity from his ex-wife, depression and more. But one thing that stayed consistent was being a father to his children, his father was never was for him. You truly don't know a person until you become adults. In that time I saw Anthony started doing photography. I saw his development and was extremely impressed on how he grew in his craft. Eventually I would ask him if he wanted to be featured on my blog and he more then agreed to be interviewed. But I didn't know what he was about to share. 

Let me first say, after our interview I was honored that he felt comfortable enough to share his story on this platform. So I will like to publicly say thank you and hope I do your story justice.

I was extremely depressed. I didn't have the motivation to do anything. On top of that I had found out that my wife had cheated on me and that the baby she was carrying wasn't mine. I left everything behind in Connecticut and moved back to Boston. Sleeping on my sisters couch and struggling with anxiety attacks. So I just randomly picked up an old camera and went on a journey on taking pictures. I needed to do something and started shooting pictures and my mind wasn't bothered by all that I was dealing with. Then someone told me that I wasn't good enough and suggested I give it up. But I didn't listen and eventually it is what you see today. It helps me to get out of my head. I love the power to be able to tell a story and discovered I can make income from my passion. This year I will be backpacking in July to Haiti to capture positive imagery of the people and it's land. No I'm not Haitian but I've always had a strong gravitation to the culture for some reason; and some of my friends are Haitian. I dislike the imagery and propaganda that they circulate about Haiti and I want to be part of changing that.

My childhood wasn't easy. My father abandoned me before I was born and my step father was abusive. So I never had a relationship with my father. Down the years I was later told I was molested by a teacher who ended up being locked up for his crime. I would have a difficult time in school because of it, I was told. I don't remember it maybe bc I was young or I just shut that memory out. Something I became a master at doing. Eventually as time went on I realized crying was a good outlet in dealing with a lot of things I was going through. So many men are shamed for crying but it's therapeutic. I let it out and then I am able to move on bc I have released that feeling.

Through my experience I define family as as supportive unit that come into your life to be positive influence. Someone who is willing to be supportive. It does not need to be defined by blood. It's people who have been there for you. It is a spiritual connection you have with the people who come in your life.

But in attempting to define fatherhood and even family is very difficult for becasue I trully never had that. So I am in a journey of self-awareness. It is very hard to just hug my son at times. I have to tell myself to hug my son becasue I never had that. So being a father is an ongoing process for me.

My life statrted changing once I had the understanding I wasn't less than. As a father there is pressure, especially when not having one in your own life; to not be like the ones who weren't in my life. And I had to realize I had to create peace within myself to be a good father. Being self-aware, knowing my flaws; realizing who I was and stop making excuses and realizing all that doesn't matter. Everything you go through doesn't dictate where you are or will be. You can be whoever you want to be. Once you start jumping into life but you must embrace fear. LEAP EVERYDAY. HAVE FAITH  AND THINGS WILL START OPENING FOR YOU. Your blessings will meet you at your level of courage. Your faith in yourself and God will open doors.

My goal is to be a motivational speaker and photography is the pipeline towards that. I want to help people change their perspective of themselves . Something I've done my whole life. I love inspiring others and that's what I'm doing now, everyday.

Anthony is a full time photographer focused on changing the narrative of the downtroddenthrough photo stories. Hi is currently teaching photography at Putnam middle school in Cambridge ma. He helps small businesses with their marketing and social media. Anthony's photography expertise is in corporate and commercial photography. He is scheduled to talk at a "today at Apple event". He has shot for brands like Microsoft and Pillpack. he is headed to Haiti next month to work on a personal photography project. Anthony's fine art pieces have been displayed and sold through different galleries in the city and is currently in a accelerated business program. You can see more of his work her in his website http://www.ovstills.com/ or his instagram at @ovstills.

#FutureFemmeSage: Stephanie "Be" Joseph



"There is a secret in our culture and it’s not that birth is painful, but that women are strong” Laura Stavoe

I knew I was called to Midwifery before I even knew what Midwifery was.  

Let's take a blast to the past when I told my sisters how important it was for me to have their placentas after giving birth. If they didn't want it, that is. They were both confused and per usual thought i was crazy. As the middle child of 5, being crazy was nothing new to me. Something shifted in me that day. Honestly I don't know how I even knew about placentas. Maybe i heard it somewhere, or maybe it was the sweet whisper from my beloved spirit. The research began shortly after. From watching animals give birth on the animal planet. To watching women give birth on TLC. My mother who is a nurse. Even took me with her to work on bring your daughter to work day. Which of course this was the perfect opportunity to ask as many questions as i could think of.



Growing up I have always been aware of my divine feminine energy and the ability i had to strongly express myself. Which as a young Haitian women came with its obstacles. I was also quick to notice when other young women were not able to channel their inner voices. I stood up for those women, and we grew into our bodies together. I strongly believe that we all should stand together, empower, up lift, guide, encourage and support one another. It is through this that we will be guided back to our roots and the divinity within one another.

The fascination of reproductive health continued as i journeyed through a Vo Tech High School focused on Healthcare. Convinced that I was going to be a OB-GYN. Shortly after doing research I became aware of how much conventional schooling i would have to endure. Which I was not excited about at all. I was not aware of the different paths that could be taken to become a midwife, or even having the option to be a Doula. Without even knowing i Doula-ed for a friend in high school. I didn’t get to keep her placenta, but it was a life changing experience.



After graduating from high school I returned to teach a “Girls 101” class. Where I facilitated a sacred therapeutic space for young teens to express themselves and showcase their creativity through dance. I feel in love with the sacred sisterhood, the trust, the transformation with all of the inside work that was being done. I wanted to do more.The question was how? Our classes came to an end. These amazing young women all left to graduate. I left with my hair chopped off and a whole new perspective of life.

Avoiding the conventional schooling I found myself journeying through beauty school where i believed that this was a part of the transformation for women. I thought this could suffice my calling to become a Midwife. After becoming licensed as a cosmetologist and working in a few hair salons. I knew this just wasn’t enough. My spirit was not satisfied.



My soul work ignited the day my niece transitioned to the physical world.  I supported my sister in every way that i could, but it just didn't feel like enough.  I felt very strong that the treatment she received at the hospital could’ve been better. In so many ways.  Was it because she was a young black women? Did they think she was uneducated?? Why were so many nurses involved? Why were there so many people in the room?  So many questions fluttered my mind.

With the belief that the environment you are born into sets the tone for the rest of your life. I took a vow this day to honor that belief. To find the answers to those questions and support other women, their families and mine too. So we are armed with knowledge to make informed decisions. That aren’t made from fear.

“ If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any” . After searching for a Doula training that would align with my philosophy, I later trained with Ancient Songs Doula Services with Chanel- Porchia and Patricia Thomas based in Brooklyn NY. Then I volunteered at a local hospital as a Doula for young moms.The universe threw me in shortly after that I trained with Mercy In Action with the Penwells based in Idaho. I become a Certified Childbirth Educator through GentleBIrth Institute. I’ve trained with Boston Doula ProjectPAIL with Nnkea Hall and ROSE. Along this journey I have been blessed to have met so many amazing humans. Built some amazing sisterhoods.  

So much has been learned. I am fortunate to have been able to quiet my mind and open my heart to such a magical calling.



Currently I am Doula-ing all over Massachusetts and apprenticing with some local phenomenal midwives . I’m assisting mamas everywhere. Hosting sacred meetups for mamas

“ Just Be- Mamas United ” where women can come together and build with each other. My goal is to continue supporting mamas in my community. Create networks to connect women and families. It truly takes a village!

Being haitian to me is somewhere in between being bold and being humble. Sorry Kendrick sometimes I don’t feel like sitting down. Haiti was the first colony to gain it’s independence in 1804. I have the blood of warriors flowing through my veins. Goosebumps take over whenever I think of this. Being haitian to me means being connected to the sounds of the drums that my ancestors danced their way into freedom to. Being haitian means we all eat when mom cooks,  no one is left out. Being haitian means dancing once you hear kompa. Being haitian is enjoying the sweet taste of sugar cane. Being haitian is listening to your mom when she has a dream. Being haitian is serenity in the ability to allow creole to flow freely through my mouth. The language created by my people.  Being haitian reminds me to Just Be - Just Be still and allow the energy of my people to guide me and walk with me as my heart beats purposely.

My hopes for Haiti’s reproductive health system is to continue training midwives and educating haitian people. I hope to take part in one of these trainings.  Unfortunately Haiti has one of the highest maternal death rate. Which leave many children orphaned in their first weeks of life. This is scary. The reality is we need more help, we need more hands on deck. This needs to change and I hope to be apart of this!



If you can give one piece of advice in terms of becoming and/or being a midwife what would it be?

Whether Midwifery is a calling or a hobby stay open to whatever your path needs from you to unfold.

If you were a superhero what would your power be?

My superpower would be my intuition. I'd be Intuitive Girl.

Birth is... a right of passage

Womanhood is... my identity.

Motherhood is... a Journey

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

My feet because they bravely takes the lead and guides me to places where I'm sometimes not ready to be .

If you could live anywhere on earth, where would you live?

Somewhere warm, where I can walk barefoot, swing in a hammock and enjoy ocean/mountain views.

What’s your favorite song and why?

I get out- Lauryn Hill. Always a refreshing reminder to release myself from conforming to the boxes society tends to place us in.

What is the best thing about your life right now?

The best thing about my life right now is certainly my journey of healing thyself. 

What do you do for self care?

Self care for me is a daily practice. I wake up really early every morning and meditate. It’s vital for me to open myself up to the day and set the tone. Throughout the day, I remember to check in with myself to assure I am getting what I need emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.